Kickstarter Campaign

Terroir New Music - The Inaugural Season


Terroir New Music is raising funds to produce a full-length season of events, focusing on collaborations between local chefs and brewers and the music of living composers! We envision a community-centric series consisting of five to six events over the course of 4 months, taking place in Spring 2018.

We perceive this collaboration as truly cross-discipline, opening a dialogue between two types of artisans (composers and chefs) to create specific, tangible connections between the music one is listening to and the food one is consuming. We plan on doing this in a variety of ways, such as matching the aesthetics of a particular program of music with that of a local chef; considering parameters such as the textures, flavors, or origins of a particular dish in pairing it to a piece of music; and even having specifically composed pieces inspired by the food we feature on a concert.

In addition to fostering meaningful collaborations between chefs and composers, we hope to foster a local community around these two art forms. We hope that lovers of progressive music will see Terroir as an avenue to try food they might never have before, and lovers of progressive food will see Terroir as an avenue to listen to music that they might never have before.