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Terroir002: (kick)starter

November 9, 2017 at c.1949 Florida Beer Garden (Tampa, FL)

Photo: Susanna Hancock

Photo: Susanna Hancock

Terroir New Music is proud to return with its second iteration of contemporary music and craft beer pairings in collaboration with c.1949.

(kick)starter reinvents the idea behind Terroir’s inaugural concert event in a celebratory kickoff for our 2018 Kickstarter campaign. “Starter” alludes to the culture used in the fermentation of many foods and alcohols (such as sourdough bread, or solera-aged liquors), and serves as a metaphor as we fundraise for our 2018 full series of concert events with food and alcohol pairings.


Donnacha Dennehy: Overstrung (violin and tape)

Mark Gurrola: Horo (solo bassoon)

Evan Kassof: Three Movements of Memory (violin and metronome)

Zach Konick: Amalgam (percussion and electronics)

Philip Glass: Strung Out (solo amplified violin)

Tyler Kline:Basic Research II (vibraphone and voice)

Louis Andriessen: Xenia: III. Song (violin and voice)

Brett Copeland: Syzygy (bass clarinet and electronics)

Sean Hamilton: In Closing (solo glockenspiel)


Amalgam: Composed and performed by Zach Konick, percussion featured on Terroir002: (kick)starter at c.1949 Florida Beer Garden November 9, 2017

Terroir001: starter

May 4, 2017 at c.1949 Florida Beer Garden (Tampa, FL)

Photo: Daylina Miller

Photo: Daylina Miller

Terroir New Music, in collaboration with c.1949, is proud to present a special evening of new music by local composers paired with local craft beers.

The title for this concert, “starter” alludes to the culture needed to start the fermentation process of many foods and alcohols (such as sourdough bread, or solera-aged liquors). We find it fitting, as this concert is the “starter” for what we hope is many awesome concerts, seasons, and collaborations for years to come.


Sean Hamilton: Postcard (prepared snare drum and electronics)

Zachary Hale: Apophenia (found objects and live electronics)

Tyler Kline: Winter Fragments (euphonium)

Susanna Hancock: Original Sin (bassoon)

G. Blake Harrison-Lane: Stands Among Them (violin duo)

Baljinder Sekhon: Regeneration (steel pan and electronics)